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Acme 9000 HPLC
Since developing our own HPLC in 1989 with accumulated experience in chromatography, we have developed the 3rd generation Acme HPLC. The Acme can be configured as Low Pressure, High Pressure and also Isocratic HPLC for various applications.

From micro to semi-preparative, the Acme HPLC is the best solution whether you operate in an isocratic or multiple gradient system.
Gradient Pump
High Precision (< ± 0.1 %)
Wide flow rate range (0.001 ~ 16.0 ml/min)
Automatical flushing function
Built-in gradient controller
Digital RS -232 control
Vacuum Degasser & Mixer
With Vacuum Degasser & Mixer low pressure gradient module, you can take many advantages for up to 4 solvent mixing and degassing

Configure with Gradient pump

Easy mixing and in-line vacuum degassing
UV/VIS Detector
Simultaneous dual wavelengh detection
Programmable wavelength scanning
Waveloenght range : 190~900
Easy to maintain(Easy access lamps and flow cell)
Czerny -Truner Optics
Digital output and control
Column Oven
Reliable and accurate results
Programmable temperature range ( Ambient to 85°C )
Complete safety device
Up to 4 different 30 cm columns
Digital RS-232 control
Autochro-3000 Data System
Compatible with MS-Windows XP
Designed for GMP and GLP guidance
Stable operation by modular design
Control of Acme HPLC
Data acquision of Non-YL HPLC
Acme 6100 GC Brochure
YL6100 GC | Acme 6100 GC | YL9100 HPLC | Acme 9000 HPLC | Acme GPC System | Detector - ELSD
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