AAS 8000 Series (Atomic Absortion Spectrometer)

Robust, Reliable, Attractive Price for Versatile Application

AAS 8020 Fully Automatic Flame/Graphite Furnace AAS Automatic switching between Flame and Graphite furnace

AAS 8010 Fully Automatic Flame AAS

The Young Lin AAS-8000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer has been developed with our accumulated experience in analytical instruments. The Young Lin AAS-8000 will satisfy all user demands by providing excellent performance with reliable and accurate data.

  • Fully controlled by PC
  • Automatic wavelength set-up, automatic slit switching, automatic lamp current and gain set-up within 40 seconds.
  • Auto switching and control of 6 lamps on rolling turret
  • Automatic flame ignition, automatic flow control for gases and gas leak detection.
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas/Acetylene Gas selection (Optional) to analyze elements under the condition of high temperature.
  • The use of advanced 1,800 lines/mm grating for strong energy and high resolution.
  • Compatible with MS Windows XP and user-friendly graphical user interface.
AAS 8000 Series