Autochro - 2000( Chromatograph Data System )

Autochro-2000 chromatographa data system is fully compatible with MS Windows XP. It provides data acquisition and processing and also full control of Acme HPLC & Acme 6000 GC.


  • Complete compatible 32bit chromatograph data system with MS Window XP
  • Control, data acquisition and data handling
  • Stability by modular design and multi-tasking capabiltiy
  • Designed as GMP and GLP guidance for system validation.


  • Use the latest icons, independent window, enhanced user interface
  • Intuitive on-line s upport each menu
  • On-line transfer of Analysis Report to MS Excel and MS Word


  • Instrument Control
  • – Younglin Acme 6000 GC control

    – Younglin Acme HPLC control

    – Data acquistion up to 4 HPLC or GC

  • Data acquisition
  • – Upto 4 chromatograms acquire and process the data on real time

    – Zoom in and zoom out at specific range on chromatogram with a mouse

    – Show baseline, retention time, peak start/end, peak name, axis labels on chromatogram

    – Show peak name, peak height on the mouse

    – Up to 30 chromatograms overlay let you determine compositional differences between samples

    – Easily distinguished peak between standard sample’s and unknown sample’s

  • Data handling and Report generati
  • – Industry standard ASC II transfer results to automatically convert analysis data into standard CDF file format

    Union file supply with each sample analysis method and condition – Calibration report type Area%, Height%, ESTD, ISTD

    Retention time, peak number, type, area, width, height, area%, height% – Concentration, customized peak name etc, print for report

  • Quantitation
  • – Single or multi level calibration

    – Calibration type : linear regression, quadratic, cubic, exponential, geometry, fractional

  • Peak Integration Parameters and Event
  • – Peak integration and rejection parameter setting

    – Integration events, setting

    – Forced peak setting and manual integration

    – GLP feature : theoretical plates, training factor, resolution