Elzone Model 5390 - Particle Count and Size Analyzer

The new Elzone® II 5390 Particle Size Analyzer utilizes the electrical sensing zone method to size samples without regard to optical properties, densities, colors, and shapes. The Elzone quickly and accurately determines the size, number, concentration, and mass of a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. Automated features include: start-up, run, and shut-down routines; blockage detection and clearing; flushing/rinsing; and calibration. The Elzone determines particle size in a range suitable for a wide variety of industrial, biological, and geological specimens. A high level of accuracy and resolution, speed, ease-of-use, and compact size make the Elzone equally suitable for industry, quality control, and research and development laboratories.

The new Elzone® II 5390 determines particle size by using the highly accurate and reproducible electrical sensing zone method which is widely recognized as a highly effective method of counting and sizing a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials.


Elzone II Advantages
  • Suitable for analyzing samples of mixed optical properties, densities, and shapes
  • Liquids can be used without knowing viscosity or optical properties
  • A variety of conductive liquids can be used without knowing viscosity or optical properties
  • Does not require previous knowledge of sample properties (density, refractive index)
  • Higher resolution than other particle sizing methods
  • Small quantities of sample are analyzed accurately and easily
  • Compact size conserves laboratory bench space
  • Plot overlays make comparing analysis results with those of product standards or other analysis results easy
  • Extensive statistical analysis and data presentation features included
  • Optional Confirm 21 CFR Part 11 software assists with compliance to FDA regulations. IQ and OQ services help assure that the system is validated for proper installation, accuracy, and consistent performance.
Ease of Use
  • Automatic start-up, run, and shut down routines
  • Automatic blockage detection and clearing
  • Automated flushing/rinsing
  • Automatic or manual calibration to accommodate different particle types and shapes
New Improved Design
  • No mercury manometer needed to perform concentration analysis
  • A grease-free connect/disconnect mechanism for the orifice tubes
  • A Faraday shield protects detector electronics from external sources of interference
  • Glassware from older Elzone models and certain Coulter Counter models can be used with the new Elzone II.