Zoex Corporation introduces FasTOF™, a high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer detector for GC x GC. A pulsed mass calibration system compensates for temporal drift in mass calibration parameters. GC Image Software fully supports high resolution mass spectrometric analyses, including exact mass measurements and elemental composition determinations.

FasTOF™ Mass Analyzer Assembly

The mass analyzer is a classical reflectron with a 1.2 meter ion flight path. Ions are detected on a high speed ADC channel, using dual Chevron micro channel plates.

FasTOF™ Ion Source

The FasTOF™ Ion Source provides adjustable 0 eV to 100 eV electron impact ionization. Ions are orthogonally extracted into the flight tube. Ion source and analyzer sections are differentially pumped by a multi-stage turbo molecular and oil-free mechanical pumping system.

GC Image

GC Image software provides full service analysis of high resolution mass spectral data, including exact mass measurement and elemental composition determinations. High resolution mass spectrometry capabilities are compatible with GC Image template system for analysis of GC x GC chromatograms, CLIC expressions for rapid identification of compound classes and targets, and with GC Project platform, which supports automatic data analysis from autosampler sequences.

FasTOF™ supports a full range of practical GC x GC x HiResTOFMS applications, including metabolomics, fuels, flavors and fragrances, and environmental analyses.

Mass Resolution

The FasTOF™ provides tunable mass resolution of up to 5,000. Routine operating resolution is typically 4,000.

Mass Accuracy

The FasTOF™ provides mass accuracy less than or equal to +/-0.002 Th (amu) across the mass calibration spectrum. Typical mass accuracy is +/-0.0007 Th. Mass calibrant is pulsed into the ion source during the dead band of the GC x GC secondary column, resulting in a new mass calibration every modulation period. This results in multi-parameter drift compensation, i.e., “set and forget” mass calibration stability.

Mass Calibration

FasTOF™ employs a new and unique pulsed calibration system. Mass calibrant is pulsed into the mass spectrometer ion source, in synchrony with the GC x GC secondary column dead band. This permits the mass calibration to be updated every few seconds, eliminating drift in calibration parameters.


The FasTOF™ provides S/LOD ratio of 50:1 from 1.0 pg of OFN delivered to the GC Column by splitless injection. S/N (Noise, N, defined as 1.4 times the noise standard deviation) is typically greater than 300:1 from 1.0 pg of octafluoronaphthalene (OFN).