HT280T Headspace, Liquid and SPME Autosampler

The HT280T is a single unit combining static headspace analysis, liquid sample injection and SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction)!

As the successor to the hugely popular HT250D, the HT280T effectively combines the operations of the HT200H Headspace Autosampler and the HT300A Liquid Autosampler, with the addition of SPME

Consider that the HT280T is compatible with almost all GC and GC/MS systems, both present and past, and you have a truly remarkable development in GC autosampling. The HT280T can save you time and money, increase analysis flexibility and save older GCs from redundancy.

Changing between liquid, headspace and SPME modes is very simple. It takes about 5 minutes and there’s no need to remove the sampler from the GC.

The system is uses a heated syringe to extract headspace samples from the 6 position orbital oven/shaker. This eliminates tubing, dead volume and sample absorption. Vial transport is positive and incredibly reliable — the system constantly checks that vials are present and are located in the correct place. No expensive magnetic caps are required. No transfer lines are required and the unit mounts directly on the GC thus reducing bench space requirements. Operation is via the simple keypad or by HT-COMSoft software. Up to 40 headspace vials of 20ml or 10ml may be stored in the standard tray. Progressive sample preparation means that samples are automatically loaded into the oven at the correct time to ensure an injection is ready as soon as the previous run is complete, maximizing your GC efficiency.