GC Image and Project Software

GC Image processes comprehensive GCXGC data acquired from various GC platforms including:
  • Agilent 6890, 7890, SCD
  • Shimadzu 2010GC & 2010PlusGCMS
  • Thermo Trace GC
GC Image Software includes “GC Project”, our quantitative analysis package, at no additional cost.

NIST11 contains major enhancements over NIST08:

The NIST/EPA/NIH Database of Electron Ionization Mass Spectra contains 243,893 EI mass spectra of 212,961 different compounds, an increase of almost 10% over NIST08. This includes 23,433 new spectra of metabolites, drugs of abuse, derivatives of common compounds and many more, all measured specifically for this library. Other major enhancements have been made including many replacements with higher quality spectra, a thorough review of chemical names and merging of the previous salts library with the main library.

The NIST Database of MS/MS spectra has undergone an even greater enhancement. The new collection more than doubles the number of compounds represented. Further, most spectra have been acquired on both ion trap and qtof/triple quad instruments, thereby increasing the number of spectra by over a factor of six compared to the 2008 version. Spectra for the latter instrument classes have been acquired over a wide range to energies to ensure matching regardless of instrument collision settings. Also, for all qtof specta, high mass accuracy spectra are stored. New spectra include metabolites, peptides (biologically active peptides and all di-peptides and tryptic tri-peptides), contaminants, lipids and more.

The MS Search Program, now permits high mass accuracy mass searching and many other features like grouping chemical derivatives together with their precursor analytes. Included with NIST11 are:

  • NIST/EPA/NIH Main and Selected Replicates with Chemical Structures
  • Non-spectral Data (also sold separately)
  • MS/MS Data (also sold separately)
  • Retention Data (also sold separately)
  • MS Search Program v.2.0f
  • Mass Spec Interpreter
  • Amdis 2.68