Particle Insight Dynamic Image Analyzer / Particle Shape Analyzer

The Particle Insight is a state-of-the art dynamic image analyzer which is ideal for applications where the shape of raw materials, not just the diameter, is critical to raw materials. The Particle Insight offers up to 28 different shape parameters analyzed and reported real-time for samples in either aqueous or organic solvent suspensions.

The system operates in a range suitable for a wide variety of industrial, biological, and geological specimens from 3 µm up to 300 µm in its standard configuration. Its unique recirculating sample module and precision optics are designed to acquire and report statistically valid measurements quickly, an essential quality control capability in many manufacturing processes. The Particle Insight also has an automated fill and rinse feature allowing for true walk-away operation.


  • Real time results Shape analysis and results in real time; images are analyzed instantly as they are captured
  • Obtain unprecedented results Offers 28 Size / Shape parameters, plus the ability to correlate multiple shape measurements
  • Multirun sample trending Statistical Process Control capability to track shape changes over user-defined time intervals
  • Real-time backup Data mirroring allows simultaneous storing of all analysis data in multiple locations, allowing remote monitoring
  • Statistical assurance Recirculating sample vessel and unique optics assure statistical accuracy without the need for costly sheath fluids or complex optical components
  • Data reporting flexibility Sieve correlation capability to facilitate reporting on shape as well as sieve data, and robust automatic downloading for single or multiple runs all on one worksheet
  • Rare event detection Particle Thumbnails feature extracts individual particle images from captured images that meet user-defined shape parameters
  • Sample handling automation and flexibility Aqueous and Organic solvent compatible system with automated fill-and-rinse
  • Security and Regulatory Compliance Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations with multiple levels of security and a robust audit log that tracks every action.

Technique Overview

The Particle Insight functional design strives for simplicity without sacrificing power. Particles are suspended homogeneously in the carrier liquid. They pass through a thin flow cell in the optical path. A light source transmits illumination through the flow cell where dark silhouettes of particles are projected onto the highresolution camera sensor.

Camera images are then sent to the host computer where they are analyzed as they arrive. Users are able to view results for up to all 28 shape histograms instantaneously. There is no need to wait until all images are captured to begin image processing and data reporting. The analysis extracts size and shape measurements for each particle using up to 28 preselected shape models. Statistical histogram counts are updated as each particle is recognized and measured.

The statistical plots and values are shown on-screen while running, and updated in real time. At the end of a run the accumulated particle statistics are available for display, printing, or export to Microsoft Excel format.

Shape Models

  • Circle Models
    Equivalent circular area diameter
    Equivalent circular perimeter diameter
    Bounding circle diameter
    Form factor
  • Ellipse Models
    Equivalent elliptical area width, length
    Bounding ellipse width, length
    Elliptical aspect ratio
  • Rectangle Models
    Bounding rectangle length, width
    Bounding rectangle aspect ratio
  • Polygon Models
    Polygon order
    Interior angle
  • Fiber Models
    Fiber length, width
    Fiber aspect ratio
    Fiber curl
  • Irregular Models
    Feret length, width
    Feret aspect ratio
    Mean diameter