Permanent Gases Analyzer

Younglin Vitamin analyzer

The GC with TCD is generally used for analysis of gas compounds such as O2, or N2 . However, the system has different configuration depending on the application purpose. The gas sampling valve and switching valve are used for sample injection and column switching, and a methanizer with FID has to be used if have to analyze CO, CO2 at low concentration. The Young Lin Gas Analyzer efficiently analyze light hydrocarbons and permanent gases such as O2 , N2 , CO and CO2 in simultaneous.

Figure 1. Valve system
The gas filled in loop at the valve off.
The gas injected to column at the valve on.
Figure 2. Methanizer
Methanizer operated by Nikel catalysis
to analyze CO or CO2 by FID detector.

The method for analyzing.

The analyzing process of Transformer Oil Gas using FID is as follows.

  • Injection – The gas move to loop at valve off, The gas in the loop injected to column at the valve on.
  • Separation – The gas separated by two packed column in each ingredient.
  • Detection – You can use TCD and FID in accordance with the sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Data aquisition – You can aquire one chromatogram analyzed by TCD and FID.

Easy to analysis simultaneously.

You can get analysis data at one injection by controlling column switching with an automatic gas sampling system simultaneously

We provide established optimum analysis conditions.

We offer right columns for your samples and optimum detectors depending on a detection concentration of hydrocarbons and permanent gases, which means we provide total solutions from a preparation to the results.

Key Features of Permanent Gases Analyzer

  • Offer entire solution from essential consumables through standard gas.
  • Monitor up to 10 different targeted gases simultaneously within a single analysis.
  • Analyze all targeted gases with only one carrier gas
  • Improve reproducibility of results with an automatic valve and sample loop.
  • Minimize costs in efficient method with optimized analytical procedures.
  • Use capillary column depending on targeted sample and your request.
  • Install methanizer to increase sensitivity of CO, CO2 gases detection

Analysis application

Analysis of Standard sample gas
Analysis of Gas in TOGA(Transformer Oil Gas Analyzer) Application