Secondary Oven

The Secondary Oven allows for independent temperature control of the second dimension column, which decouples its performance from that of the first column. This can simplify the tuning of GC x GC chromatograms. The Secondary Oven can be run either at a lower or higher temperature than the GC oven, and is operated by the Aux 2 channel of the 6890 GC.


  • Sets secondary column temperature independently of main oven
  • Easy Installation
  • Drop-in Column Installation
  • Temperature Programmable
  • Lead or Lag Main Oven Temperature
  • Rapid compressed gas cool-down
  • Controlled by valve events, fully automatic


  • Optimization of secondary column performance
  • Permits any secondary column to be used with any primary column


  • Temperature Program Rate: up to 5 C/min
  • Nitrogen or Air Consumption at Cooldown: Approx. 75 liters/min
  • Nitrogen or air consumption in oven lag mode: Approx 10 to 40 liters/min
  • Power Source: AUX 2 channel of 6890 GC
  • Form and Fit: Plugs into lower right wall of 6890 GC main oven