Training (GC Image & GCXGC)

GCXGC and GC Image Software Training Classes in Houston, TX

You can receive full credit for course-tuition fees paid when you purchase any Zoex products – contact us for more details.

Join us and learn about GCXGC analytical solutions and get advanced user training on GC Image and GC Project. These classes are held over three (3) days at our Houston facility.

The program is designed for both experienced GC x GC practitioners and those new to the technique.

“I think the most useful section of the training was the first part with those funny test questions. I have found it useful because with those background information we can understand the method and the software not just use them. I have attended a lot of trainings so far, but on most of them they missed to tell about the basics, the philosophy behind the scenes and without that you won’t really know how to shape your mind around the problems.” – Robert Bundula, Engineer – MOL Group

“I enjoyed the training very much. It was useful. The most important was the discussion of the test questions.” – Erika Knapp, MOL Group