The sophisticated YL-Clarity data system is easy to use and offers extensive data management plus full control of the entire YL9100 HPLC products and YL6100 GC. The software is designed for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and through full compatibility with MS Windows XP and Vista seamlessly handles data processing and instrument control using an ultra-reliable LAN interface.

Data Acquisition


YL-Clarity simultaneously displays a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms and their mathematical modification; for example,mutual deductions or derivations of any order.


Simultaneous data acquisition from up to four independent chromatographs,each chromatograph can acquire data from up to 12 detectors.

21 CFR Part 11 compliance

  • User accounts : YL-Clarity sets up access rights and passwords (including their parameters e.g., minimum length, validity, etc.). Each user can define the appearance of their own station.
  • Audit trail : It records selected events and operations into a special file and selected operations directly into a chromatogram.
  • Electronic signature : Each chromatogram can be signed electronically. Signature selection is based on the username or the signature certificate.

Optional Module

SST (System Suitability Test)

The program compares up to 12 selected parameters calculatedaccording to one of three pre-selected methods (USP, EP, and JP).These calculated values are either compared to the users set limit values for each chromatogram separately or together for the selected series.

PDA Extension

This is to process data that has been acquired from selected photo diode array detectors. The spectral data, together with chromatograms, adds a third dimension to analytical data analysis.

GPC Extensions

This provides interactive and automated GPC analysis, including recalibration and GPC reporting, as well as simplifies the retrieval of GPC data