YL FT-IR Spectrometer

Robust, Reliable, Attractive Price for Versatile Application

AAS 8020 Fully Automatic Flame/Graphite Furnace AAS Automatic switching between Flame and Graphite furnace

AAS 8010 Fully Automatic Flame AAS

The Young Lin AAS-8000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer has been developed with our accumulated experience in analytical instruments. The Young Lin AAS-8000 will satisfy all user demands by providing excellent performance with reliable and accurate data.

  • Reliable and Reproducible Data
  • – No interference of humidity by desiccated and sealed interferometer

    – Stable wavelength emission by air cooled infrared sources

    – Shock-resistant by interferometer lock when transporting

  • High Performance
  • – DLATGS Detector with high sensitivity ,excellent linearity and broad spectral response

    – Self compensated alignment at an optical system *MCT detector is also available.

  • Easy of Use
  • – Data Acquisition by Interspec For Window at a glance

    – Simple to control FT-IR and manage data at your fingertip

    – Data conversion to MS EXCEL

    – Fully compatible with Windos XP/7

    – Library search(Optional)

  • Applications
  • – Polymer analysis

    – Foods research

    – Quality assurance and control

    – Pharmaceutical research

    – Lubricant formulation and fuel additives

    – Environmental and water quality analysis methods

    – Biochemical and biomedical research

    – Academic field

  • Available Accessories
  • – Transmission sampling products

    – ATR products (Single/Multi Reflection)

    – Diffuse reflectance products

    – Specular reflectance products

    – Gas sampling accessories

    – Sampling kit products * Most accessories from other makers are compatible with YL FT-IR spectrometer)

YL FT-IR Spectrometer