YL6100 GC

“Fully Optimized GC with Advanced Pneumatic Control”

Young Lin GC products have been developed for more than 15 years with an accumulated experience in chromatographs. The YL6100 GC meets all analytical demands providing practical solutions for every application and satisfying the features you’ ve always desired.

APC is a standard function in gas chromatography. You can enjoy all the advantages of multi-functional APC with our YL6100 GC. Our multi-functional APC increases productivity by accurate and precise control for flow and pressure and reduces operating costs by means of the Gas Saver. Also APC improves your competitive power with fast and accurate analysis.

  • Pressure programming: Reduction in decomposition and loss of sample in splitless injection
  • Flow control : Improved detector stability
  • High sensitivity : At large amount of sample in split injection
  • Gas saver : Carrier gas and Auxiliary gas can be saved
  • Automatic flame ignition for FID


Powerful Control
  • Perfect control of all parameters by Autochro-3000 Data System
  • Stable and precise control with powerful dual CPUs
  • Remote Time Control : Remote Time Delay and Remote Signal Output
Easy Operation
  • Intuitive user interface for a keyboard
  • Column conditioning function
  • Stores up to 20 different analytical methods
High Performance Column Oven
  • Fast heating speed : up to 100℃/min
  • Fast cooling down speed : 6.5 min(from 450°C to 50°C)
  • Programming ramp/plateaus: 15/16
  • Maximum temperature: 450°C
Economical Function
  • Time scheduling function
  • Scheduling of system ON and OFF
  • Run time based control
  • Automatically repeatable runs up to 9,999 analyses
Safety Function
  • Automatic flow & temperature control
  • Detector “ON” after checking flow between reference and sample to protect TCD cell
  • Automatic flame ignition after checking the FID temperature
  • Air/H2 flow will be blocked automatically if auto-ignition is set as “OFF”
YL6100 GC Brochure