YL9151 Autosampler (Optimas)

HPLC Autosampler

YL9151 Optimas autosampler optimizes your injection automation, using reliable injection technology, with a carousel holder for sample vial flexibility. The autosampler features our proven PASATM injection concept, combining robust injection with high precision and accuracy. With its three injection modes including zero sample loss injection, while challenging middle-class autosampler prices!

YL9151 Autosampler Specifications

Injection range

 1 uL ~ 5,000uL (Up to 10mL in Prep mode)

Sample capacity

 STD: 84 standard 2 mL vials plus three 10 mL vials for mix solvents
 LSV tray: 24 10 mL vials(PREP)
 LSC tray: 96 standard vials

Injection Precision

 Flushed loop injections: RSD < 0.3%

 Partial loopfill injections: RSD < 0.5% for injection volumes > 10 µL

 µl pick-up injections: RSD < 1.0% for injection volumes > 10 µL


 < 0.05% with standard wash
 Typically <0.01% with extra wash

Needle wash

 Inside needle wash. Wash can be programmed between series,injections and between vials.

Cycle time

 73 sec

Syringe Volume

 250 μL standard
 1000 μL and 2500 μL in PREP mode(Optional)

Sample cooling


 Programmable: 4 – 15°C
 Accuracy: ± 2°C (at temperature sensor).
 Cooling capacity: max 20°C below ambient temperature